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Supporting Men's Wellbeing in the Hepburn Shire

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Daylesford Mens Shed is not unique. We have currently around 30 members of which 7 play guitar or ukulele, regularly at our weekly jam sessions. We have been doing this for over three years now and SongScroll, projected to our TV screen, directs our jam sessions.

We started out like most groups of this nature, using paper song sheets. Finding lyrics and chord sequences, tailoring them to suit our situation, printing them out, and, if they later required modification, printing them out again,
and again,
and again...

It was because of the frustration attached to this situation that I considered there had to be a better way. Paperless.

My name is Brian Murphy and I am a member of the Daylesford Mens shed. As I had a background in computer programming, and these days not so much of a requirement to keep those skills up, I saw this an opportunity to, not only to refresh those skills, but expand into new territory... That of Javascript.

And I discovered a whole new world. One that is safe, abundantly shared, and free. So SongScroll was born.

SongScroll features:

  Runs in any Browser, on any device capable of displaying HTML, although, if your device is too old it may not run Javascript.

  Uses only text files - editable by any text file editor (I use Notepad).

  The Text Files are stored and browseable only on your own device as stipulated by web safety protocol.

  There is no limit (that I know of) for the length of the text file.

  No need to worry about cramming the song to fit a page size.

  Variable scroll speed - from 30 to 90 words per minute, set by preferred speed imbedded in
   2nd line of song text, or by a slider control.

  Scrolling start can be delayed, to allow playing to progress to about half the visible text
   before scrolling starts, or immediate scrolling by a button click.

  Scrolling can be stopped and started at will, by a button click or clicking anywhere on the whitespace, or by a shorcut key (Space Bar).

  Scrolling up or down using the Windows slider, or the middle wheel of a mouse, can be done at any time.

  For Songs2Line, chord names must be placed above the appropriate song line, at the appropriate location.
   Please use SPACES for positioning the chords (not the Tab Key).

  For SongsInine, chord names must be placed inside square brackets eg. [C] in the appropriate song line, at the appropriate location.

  Key Change (transposition up or down) at the click of a button.

  If you wish to save a transposed song, you can highlight and copy the song, then paste it into a new text file
   using your text editor.
  (Note: It is easier to select the text by dragging from the end of the song, back to the beginning.)

  Sharp or Flat preferences, as set by the Radio Buttons at the bottom of the page are applied to key change.

  Chord fingering diagrams for Guitar, Ukulele (Normal or Baritone), or both are displayed for most chords.

  NO Copyright.
   As SongScroll is fully contained within one HTML page, which is accessible and
   editable by anyone, even with a text editor, I see no point in claiming copyright or ownership.
   It is entirely my own compilation, but I admit and recognise that I have collected and used
  code snippets from numerous public sources, and I'm grateful for those people that produced them.

  These html pages can be Screen Shared simultaneously over multiple devices, and even Screen Cast to
  TVs, Monitors or Projectors. This is ideal for Band or Group use, and Singalongs.

The "Songs2Line and ScrollInline" Folders:

 These folders contain sub-folders aligned to various artists, containing just over 3000 songs in textfile format.
 Admittedly there are many songs duplicated because they have been covered by different artists.
 All of these songs have been downloaded from public internet sources and modified to suit SongScroll.
 Please don't rely on their accuracy... and please alter them to suit yourself.


Clicking the above link will open SongScroll in a new webpage here in this browser. You can save it, or run it from here, but you will need text files on your LOCAL SYSTEM (Hard drive or USB Drives) to scroll...


PhoneScroll is a truncated version of SongScroll, to run on your phone... or preferably, your tablet.


SongPrint provides a printable version of your chosen song for printing on your colour printer, or to a pdf file if your system supports "print to pdf".

  (Note: For Printing, you can hide the blue heading by clicking anywhare in the white space. Clicking the
   white space again will un-hide it. )

2 Line to Inline Converter ... converts 2_Line songs to Inline

Inline to 2 Line Converter ... and vice versa.

Clicking any of the links below will download a ZIP file into your default "Downloads" folder, which you can then extract to a suitable location on your hard drive. The extracted folder (Songs2Line or SongsInline) will contain around 3300 songs in folders named mostly after the various associated artists.

2-Line Songs ... Zip file

Inline Songs ... Zip file

DMS Songs ... Zip file DMS Band Songs