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U3A Woodwork

For over twelve months, the Daylesford Men’s Shed has been hosting Basic and Advanced Woodworking courses for members of the Daylesford community.

Although the courses are open to all, the U3A members who have attended previous and current classes are all women. The course was pioneered by Richard Bevan some years back and they were recently re-introduced as there was interest expressed by the Daylesford U3A committee.

The current tutors are Andrew Azzopardi, Giorgio Buscema, Brian Murphy and David Robertson. The ladies are taught basic woodworking skills in a structured, project by project basis, where safety and the correct use of tools is paramount. The ladies have embraced the opportunity provided by The Daylesford Men’s Shed and their skills have developed progressively with each project they undertake.

Tuesday afternoons are a hive of activity and camaraderie in the woodworking section where tutors work with each of the ladies to achieve their woodworking goals.

There have been some outstanding pieces of work produced by the ladies, for example:

  • Trays
  • Knitting boxes
  • Bird boxes
  • Window screen frames
  • A Christmas tree
  • A sturdy workbench for the shed
  • A blanket box
  • And even some very fine furniture pieces have been produced by a few of the ladies!
  • A number of the ladies have also brought in items that need repairing or refurbishing. These include chairs, occasional tables, shelves, and ornaments. It is pleasing to see the ladies gaining confidence and becoming self-sufficient.

    Utilising and building on their acquired skills, the ladies have become more and more proficient working with wood, using complex machinery, and working with power tools in a safe and responsible manner.

    Here are some of the ladies who really enjoy coming to the Men’s Shed to work on various projects, on a Tuesday afternoon:

    No Strangers

    Erin (on the left) working on some ply legs and Judy (on the right) creating a cat gymnasium!

    No Strangers

    Here’s Malini getting ready to rip some timber on the table saw.

    No Strangers

    Here’s Maria calculating the measurements for a hardwood recipe rack she is building.

    No Strangers

    And, here is Lauren with the table she made using recycled timber found under her house in Melbourne

    No Strangers

    Lynne with a chair that she has repaired and reinforced.

    No Strangers

    Sharon and a very practical blanket box that she and Margaret have built.